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Slim UFO Highbay


Ultra Thin Design

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 Our low-profile UFO lights feature a compact and streamlined design that enhances overall efficiency, minimizes environmental footprint, and achieves a historically competitive pricing. Notably, they exhibit more than 20% reduction in weight and height while upholding uncompromised quality and an extended operational lifespan.

Effective heat dissipation

With our well-designed heat sink, our products not only prolong the lifespan of the light but also ensure consistent, reliable performance over time. No need to worry about overheating or reduced efficiency. 

Superior Lighting Performance at an affordable price

 Leveraging high lumens per watt (LPW) efficacy, we provide an environmentally conscious solution for delivering enhanced illumination in expansive areas, all while achieving substantial reductions in electricity expenditures.

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Our UFO High Bay lights have attained an IP65 rating through meticulous enclosure design enhancements and rigorous testing procedures. This ensures that our fixtures offer robust protection against dust and moisture infiltration, rendering them exceptionally well-suited for various environments, particularly within industrial settings.

Engineered for dirt and water resistance

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Perfect for aisle illumination

Our thoughtfully engineered 90° PC lens ensures a precise light distribution that heightens luminance on designated surfaces, thereby minimizing light spillage and optimizing luminaire efficacy. The judiciously designed diffusion characteristics also serve to mitigate glare, enhancing visual comfort in the illuminated space.

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Superb sensor

We offer a Motion Microwave sensor that can be easily screwed on to help you reduce energy consumption and save costs by detecting occupancy. Our light fixtures are also compatible with motion PIR sensors and surge protection devices.

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Experience the ease

Effortlessly set up our UFO Highbay lights with the included eyebolt mount (other accessories are also available upon request). Say goodbye to the headaches of complicated setups and hello to a more efficient lighting solution within minutes.

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Block of features

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