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Thrifty UFO High Bay


Huge Cost Savings

Achieve your desired brightness and performance without a high price tag.

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Reliable and Safe

With 2kv/6kv integrated driver surge protection, our economical UFO lights are fortified against voltage surges and transient voltage spikes, thereby assuring the sustained performance and extended lifespan of lighting fixtures.

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Protected against Environmental Elements

The IP65 rating ensures prolonged protection against ingress of moisture and dust, elevating product durability and performance standards.

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Multiple Application Scenerios

Adaptable to a diverse array of environments, our lighting solutions find relevance across an extensive spectrum of settings, encompassing industrial warehouses, commercial facilities, retail spaces, outdoor areas such as gas stations, and various other applications where exceptional illumination is imperative.

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High Quality Lighting

Our flicker-free and noiseless UFO lights use Bridgelux chips to provide high quality lighting.


Eco Friendly Choice

Our economically designed UFO LED lights stand as exemplars of energy efficiency, significantly reducing power consumption while concurrently minimizing their environmental footprint. 

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Easy Installation

Reduced installation complexity with mounting accessories.


Hook Mount

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Eyebolt Mount

Additional Features

0-10v Dimming
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3 Year Warranty
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 UL Certificate 
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-40°C to 45°C operating temperature
50,000 hour led lifespan


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