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Dolphin Linear Washdown

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Reliable Illumination Solution

Our high-efficiency linear LED washdown fixture offers cost savings and operational ease through its superior quality, rendering it an ideal choice for installation in environments where replacement is challenging. Our high-power version is ideal for high-ceiling applications.

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 High-efficiency  LED 

Versatile Installation

Car Factory

Meets All Your Requirements

Offers unparalleled adaptability with  CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), enabling on-site customization to align precisely with your preferences. You can also integrate your preferred sensors for enhanced energy efficiency

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Suitable for challenging environments

Ideal for wet and hazardous environments, our lights feature robust chemical-resistant coating, polycarbonate housings, and meticulously engineered enclosures equipped with precision gaskets and seals. These fixtures are not only chemical-resistant but also safeguarded against dust, oil, and high-pressure water jets.

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Tunnel Road
Emergency Medical Service
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NSF Certified

Endorsed by NSF Certification for Public Health and Safety, our linear washdown proves to meet the standard for facilities engaged in food preparation, processing, and storage.

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Versatile installation options

Come standard with surface mounting accessories. Wall mounting and suspended mounting accessories are also available upon request.

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Plenty of Accessories

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Additional Features

0-10v Dimming
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5 Year Warranty
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DLC Premium
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 UL Certificate 
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-10°C to 40°C operating temperature
50,000 hour led lifespan


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