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Apollo Solar Area Light

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Streamlined Appearance Design

Our solar lights harmonize effortlessly with diverse architectural styles and landscape aesthetics, elevating the overall visual appeal of outdoor environments.

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Beach Town

Highly Efficient Solar Panel

Featuring a monocrystalline solar panel for superior conversion efficiency, our solar lights employ a smaller grid line spacing to mitigate the risk of cell cracking. The solar panel's outer layer also incorporates anti-aging EVA, weather-resistant back film, and a durable anodized aluminum alloy frame, ensuring adaptability to various environmental conditions.

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Cutting-Edge Generation A-Grade LiFePO4 Battery

Our solar lights incorporate the latest A-grade LiFePO4 battery technology, renowned for its exceptionally high and low-temperature resilience, safety features, explosion-proof qualities, and extended service life.

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IP65 Rating

With an IP65 rating, our solar lights are purpose-built for outdoor applications, catering to a wide range of settings, from roadways to exterior parking lots.

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Parking Lot
Trees in the Wind

Enhanced Wind Resistance Capability

Our product boasts a robust and secure structural design, successfully passing rigorous wind resistance tests to guarantee the project's safe and reliable operation

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Intelligent Brightness Control

Enhance energy efficiency significantly by incorporating a PIR sensor, which seamlessly adjusts brightness from 100% to 30% when no motion is detected.​

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Additional Features

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1 year Warranty
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NO flickering, NO humming
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-20°C to 50°C operating temperature


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