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Unicorn Waterproof Downlight

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Abstract Lights

Illuminate with Excellence

Our downlights with self-aligning reflectors and special optics offer precise, efficient, and low-glare illumination, ensuring high-lumen output, visual comfort, and enhanced aesthetics for versatile lighting solutions. Plus our high-output CoB LED combines high CRI and efficacy, delivering superior lighting quality and efficiency.

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Waterproof Confidence

Our IP66-rated downlights guarantee water-resistant performance, ensuring durability and peace of mind in any environment.

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Versatile Application

Our fixtures are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments like shopping malls, exhibition halls, drive-throughs, and more, offering reliable and adaptable illumination solutions

Shopping Center
Drive Thru Pharmacy
Art Gallery

Additional Features

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5 year Warranty
 ul certified
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-10°C to 40°C operating temperature


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